Pet Hills Prescription Diets

For your special pal, do you need a specific diet? We are pleased to order more prescription foods for you and keep several of them in stock.


Pet Hills Prescription Diets

We at West Roxbury Animal Hospital Veterinary Services are delighted to provide dietary advice to pet owners in Phoenix and the local area. For all of their lives, pets need proper nutrition. Animals’ dietary requirements change as they become older. To meet the evolving demands of pets, there are diets for puppies, adults, and seniors. There are also diets designed to support animals with specific illnesses and conditions. Every time you visit our hospital, it is crucial to go over your pet’s diet with our staff.

Obesity is a problem that affects a lot of pets and needs to be addressed. When pets beg, many owners overfeed them. Additionally, they enjoy giving their pets food to show how much they care. But obesity can actually be a concern. Get your dogs started on a diet and exercise routine right away by speaking with a friendly member of our team.


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